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Guarantees, Terms, and Refund Policy

1. We guarantee that you will have access to all of the materials that we've said are part of the STEPS program.

2. REFUNDS. Because you have immediate access to all of our materials as soon as you create your profile, we can't offer refunds. However, if you have not yet created a profile and would like a refund for any reason, we will refund your STEPS fee minus a $35 handling charge. We cannot refund the cost of your Barron's book. There are no refunds on reduced-price enrollments (such as half price.)

3. The STEPS program does NOT include LSAT tutoring or teaching by a live person, either face to face, by phone, by email, or any other means. STEPS is designed to be a peer support program with access to printed and electronic materials from experts. We do offer technical support to make sure that you have access to the STEPS materials online.



4. STEPS will direct you to resources for live expert help if you feel that you need that. Any help that you hire is done so outside of the STEPS program. STEPS does not collect or handle any fees that you pay for hired help. You're free to set up any arrangement that you want with tutors.

5. The Barron's book and other practice materials are not included in the STEPS fee. You will need the Barron's book and some of the other Law Services tests. The number of tests you buy is up to you.

6. PROBLEMS? If you have any questions about accessing the STEPS materials, don't hesitate to contact us. We want to make sure you have the support you need!

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I used STEPS to the LSAT (created by Jay Cutts, author of the Barron's LSAT Prep Book) to organize a live LSAT program for my students. They found it easy to work with, easy to follow, and insightful. I feel STEPS is a unique and affordable option.

- Wendy Vonnegut, Esq., Director of Legal Studies at Methodist University, past president of SAPLA and chair-elect of PLANC

STEPS is a creation of Jay Cutts. Jay is the lead author of the Barron's LSAT Prep Book and director of Cutts Graduate Reviews. For over 24 years he has helped students master the LSAT and get accepted to Law School. STEPS lets you work with his advanced coaching materials, not published elsewhere, in a highly structured self-prep support program.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide any prelaw student, regardless of educational or socioeconomic background, a support system for studying the LSAT.

STEPS draws on highly expert instruction, addresses the real study needs of today's student, and requires only a minimal investment.

It is part of our mission that profit is not our primary goal and that a significant portion of any profit is used to develop and provide additional services.

National Advisory Board

Jane Finkle, MS, Prelaw advisor, formerly at University of Pennsylvania and Bryn Mawr College. Prelaw columnist, US News and World Career Forum.

Laura Hosid, Esq., Former Associate Director, Office of Career Services, Georgetown University Law Center. Advisor, Vinik Educational Placement Services.

Michael Santana, Esq., Former Assistant Legal Writing Professor, Vermont Law School, University of Montana School of Law

Sidney Williams, Esq., Central State University, Director, Prelaw and Preprofessional Programs and Special Initiatives

Advisory Board members and the organizations with which they are affiliated do not necessarily endorse the STEPS to the LSAT program or Cutts Graduate Reviews. Advisory board members are independent prelaw specialists who have no financial connection with STEPS