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Cutts Graduate Reviews - Prelaw Programs

with Jay B. Cutts, Author, Barron's LSAT Prep Book (Now revised as the Cognella LSAT Roadmap)

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Question 1. Which of the following do you want?

A.) Free Admissions Planning - LawTrack

B.) Highly Affordable LSAT and Admissions Help - STEPS to the LSAT and Summer Prelaw Intensive (SPI)

C.) Support Programs for Prelaw Groups - Support for Prelaw Groups

D.) Programs for Prelaw Advisors - Prelaw Advisors

E.) A comprehensive book on the LSAT - Barron's LSAT Prep Book

LawTrack: Free month by month prelaw planning, starting as early as your freshman year!



LawTrack is our free monthly email planning system.

  • Start as early as Freshman year
  • Every month learn what to do, how and when to do it in order to be prepared.

Learn strategies for:

  • LSAT
  • Applications
  • Personal Statements
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Timelines
  • Advanced Strategies

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Use your prep time and money wisely!

The ultimate prep plan is to study as well as you can on your own and save your money for high quality, personal coaching.

Our two new support programs give you maximum support for studying on your own for a minimal investment.

NEW! STEPS to the LSAT - A Companion to the Barron's Book/Cognella LSAT Roadmap

Create your own LSAT course with STEPS to the LSAT - Unlimited months for $103. For yourself or a group.

Solution of the Week - Shows you how to apply advanced strategies to real LSAT problems.

The Student Manual - Organizes your studying every day for 2 months!

The Audio Library - 270 recordings of one on one coaching sessions with LSAT specialist and Barron's author Jay Cutts

Online Dashboard - Connects you to study partners, records your progress, helps you choose schools. Chat live with other students, Personal Statement hints, find tutors

Read about: STEPS to the LSAT


NEW! Summer Prelaw Intensive (SPI) Program

10-week summer admissions bootcamp -$225. Includes unlimited access to all the elements of the STEPS to the LSAT prep program.

Live Mentor- A mentor checks in with you every week to help you get the most out of the program

Support on all aspects of admissions - Learn how to write a powerful personal statement, do career research, choose schools and use advanced tools to stand out from the crowd

LSAT prep - Use the STEPS to the LSAT system to master the test. Includes the Solution of the Week, Student Study Manual, Audio Library of coaching sessions and more.

Online Dashboard - Connects you to study partners, records your progress, helps you choose schools. Chat live with other students.

Personal Coaching - Coaching is not included in the price of SPI but if you need individual help, we will guide you to trained, high quality LSAT and admissions coaches who have agreed to work at a reasonable hourly rate.

Flexible Dates: Our main program starts at the beginning of June but you can enroll at any time for a full 10 weeks. We also offer a fall and spring version of the SPI program.

Read about: Summer Prelaw Intensive (SPI) Program

The Barron's LSAT Prep Book/Cognella LSAT Roadmap

About The Barron's LSAT Prep Book/Cognella LSAT Roadmap

Starting June 2023 the Barron's LSAT is the Cognella LSAT Road Map!

The Barron's/Cognella book is based on Jay Cutts' 30+ years of working closely with thousands of LSAT students. It contains the most effective and comprehensive breakdown of the LSAT of any commercial prep book.

If you are going to buy only one LSAT book, start with the Cognella LSAT Roadmap.

Buying the Barron's book/Cognella LSAT Roadmap entitles you to additional free prep resources, including our Solution of the Week and weekly prep planning.

The Barron's book/Cognella LSAT Roadmap is the basis for the STEPS to the LSAT and SPI programs.

Get the Cognella LSAT Roadmap and actual LSAT practice tests here!


Free Support Programs for Prelaw Groups

Free Monthly Prelaw Meeting Plans- a series of nine agendas for prelaw group meetings, with instructions

Free Consulting on prelaw membership building, programs, fund raising

Free or Discounted LSAT course raffles for fund raising

Free special programs for members, including seminars, webinars, teleconferencing, printed materials

Call us at (505) 281-0684 day or evening, 7 days

For Prelaw Officers: More About Programs for Prelaw Groups

For Prelaw Advisors

LawTrack - The LawTrack program is a free month-by-month prelaw email planning system.

LawTrack identifies a student's current academic year and provides instructions on what they should be doing for a particular month and how to do it.

LawTrack reinforces the advising that you provide. It ensures that each student gets the reminders and instructions they need when they need it. LawTrack's goal is to help students plan far enough in advance to do well on the LSAT and their application.

You can download a flyer about LawTrack to distribute to your students.

STEPS to the LSAT and the Summer Prelaw Intensive (SPI) Programs - You can refer students to these programs, designed to provide extremely affordable, high quality LSAT and admissions support for students who may have limited resources.

Both programs are aimed at students who may not have the family, cultural, or financial resources to pay for commercial help. In fact these programs are a more cost-effective approach even for students who do have resources. Students work independently as much as possible and save their money for personal coaching if they need it.

By making your students aware of these resources, you are helping them to choose the programs that make the most sense to them.

You can review details of STEPS and SPI here.

You can download flyers for distribution to your advisees and prelaw clubs for: STEPS to the LSAT flyer and for SPI flyer

LSAT and Admissions On-Campus Prep Programs - You can use our STEPS to the LSAT and our Summer Prelaw Intensive (SPI) programs to create your own on-campus services.

Both STEPS and SPI are "turn-key" programs that require almost no work - and no funding! - on your part. Prelaw advisors have used one or both to create highly affordable, long term LSAT support programs and/or focused admissions support programs on campus.

Example 1: In the fall or spring you could announce that you are offering an LSAT support program on campus. Students might meet twice a week for six weeks. You would designate a location for students to meet. You would direct students to the website for STEPS to the LSAT. Each student would register individually. The cost is about $103.

Each student receives the STEPS materials directly from the STEPS website. The materials direct the student's day by day practice. When students meet together, STEPS provides a proctor's manual so that one of the students, or someone appointed by you, directs the day's 2-3 hour class.

You don't have to spend anything on instructors or materials.

You may or may not wish to meet with the students during the 6 week program.

Example 2: You may already by running certain LSAT or admissions programs that are using a lot of your funding resources. You can use STEPS and/or SPI to cover much of the instruction at a much lower price. You can then save your funding for more personalized or specialized programs for students.

One school in Texas currently pays a commercial prep company close to $800 per student for summer LSAT and admissions prep. They serve about 50 students for a total cost of $40,000. By using the STEPS system combined with several STEPS-trained instructors, they calculated that they could serve 50 students for under $3000 total. The saved money would allow them to reduce the charge that each student paid and to serve more students.

There are many ways to use STEPS and/or SPI to run your own programs. Programs are fully funded by the students' enrollment fees. All enrollment and administration is done by the STEPS or SPI program, not by you.

The STEPS and SPI programs are guided by a national advisory board of prelaw advisors and professionals. Both programs are co-sponsored by the following organizations:

  • Phi Alpha Delta National
  • National Native American Law Students Association (NNALSA)
  • National Latina/o Law Student Association (NLLSA)
  • National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA)

If you'd like to talk about ideas for running more effective and more affordble programs, please call Jay Cutts:

Call us at (505) 281-0684 day or evening, 7 days




About Us

Cutts Graduate Reviews has been a national leader in high quality, personalized LSAT preparation and law school admissions since 1990.

Jay B. Cutts is one of the top LSAT and law admissions specialists in the country. He is the author of the Barron's LSAT Prep Book, which is now the Cognella LSAT Roadmap, as well as being the lead author of several other Barron's and Cognella test prep works.

He is the creator of the STEPS to the LSAT and Summer Prelaw Intensive (SPI) programs, which allow students with limited resources access to high quality, professional guidance on the LSAT and admissions.

Mr. Cutts takes a limited number of personal students each season.

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