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Cutts Graduate Reviews - Programs for Prelaw Groups

with Jay B. Cutts, author, Barron's LSAT (Now the Cognella LSAT Road Map)

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Fund Raising and Support Programs for Prelaw Groups

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Need ideas for your group meetings?

We have a series of nine plans for prelaw meetings, including the topics and how to run the sessions.

Please take advantage of these free plans.

They will help your members be prepared for their applications and the LSAT.

For all nine full meetings plans, Click Here

Programs for Prelaw Groups

We have been working closely with prelaw organizations since 1990. We're happy to discuss your concerns and share the successes of other groups with you in the areas of:

  • Fund raising
  • Membership building
  • Program development
  • Seminars on admissions, the LSAT and career research
  • Support for underrepresented groups, including first generation college students, minorities, women, and people with learning or other disabilities
  • Opportunities for officers to demonstrate their leadership qualities
  • Providing your members with planning support
  • Bringing your members a wide range of options for LSAT prep and admissions support

Please call us at (505) 281-0684, day or evening, 7 days

to go over your group's needs.



Donated LSAT Courses As Fund Raisers

We occassionally offer a free LSAT course to a group.

You can:

  • raffle the course off as a way to get members to a meeting or event
  • auction the course off to raise money for the group
  • give the course to an officer or member

The free courses help us let your members get familiar with our programs and help you build your group.

The free course is our Gold Program. You can review it HERE.



Questions about your plans? - (505) 281-0684 - day or evening, 7 days