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Cutts Graduate Reviews - Programs for Premed Groups

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Fund Raising and Support Programs for Premed Groups

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Programs for Premed Groups

We have been working closely with premed organizations since 1990. We're happy to discuss your concerns and share the successes of other groups with you in the areas of:

  • Fund raising
  • Membership building
  • Program development
  • Seminars on admissions, the MCAT and career research
  • Support for underrepresented groups, including first generation college students, minorities, women, and people with learning or other disabilities
  • Opportunities for officers to demonstrate their leadership qualities
  • Providing your members with planning support
  • Bringing your members a wide range of options for MCAT prep and admissions support

Please call us at (505) 281-0684, day or evening, 7 days

to go over your group's needs.

Donated* MCAT Courses As Fund Raisers

We occassionally offer a discounted MCAT Strategy course to a group.

*The donated course has a small handling charge. You can

  • raffle the course off as a way to get members to a meeting or event
  • auction the course off to raise money for the group
  • give the course to an officer or member

The free*/discounted courses help us let your members get familiar with our programs and help you build your group. We ask for a little help from you in return. By accepting the free course, you agree to these requests:

  • You agree to forward to your listserv a notice from us at least once a semester reminding your members about our free programs. We will be responsible for sending you the notice.
  • You agree to place us on your listserv so that we can learn more about what your group is doing. We agree to NOT send notices out to your listserv directly. If we have something to send, we will send it to an officer first.
  • If you have received a notice from us that we will provide you a free course if you send our letter to your listserv within a certain time limit, you will do your best meet that deadline and will provide us some evidence that you did send it. The best way to provide the evidence is to put us on your listserv before you do the mailing.

For details about what a free/discounted course includes, see the box below.


Details for a Donated Course

By accepting a Free/Discounted Course you and the person who gets the course agree to the below:

The Free/Discounted course is based on the Cutts Personal MCAT SuperStrategy Tutorial program, as described on our registration page:

Cutts Personal MCAT Tutorial Registration Page


The following terms apply to the Free/Discounted course unless we have made special arrangements with you.

  • The Free/Discounted course requires a $100 handling charge.
  • All of the guarantees and refund policies of our regular program apply to the Free/Discounted course.
  • The Free/Discounted course does NOT include the two phone tutorial hours that are part of the regular program.
  • Phone hours can be purchased separately. The first two phone hours are at our published standard rate and subsequent hours are at our discounted rate.
  • Students who do not have a Windows-based computer may need to add a deposit for DVD's or videotapes, plus a small shipping charge.
  • Your premed group may auction the course for up to a maximum of $300. You sumbit the $100 service fee and keep the difference.

If your group has been offered a free/discounted course as a thank you for emailing your member list, please be sure to email your listserv within two weeks.

We look forward to helping you and your members succeed. Don't hesitate to call!


Questions about your plans? - (505) 281-0684 - day or evening, 7 days