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Cutts Graduate Reviews - Free Premed Support

with Jay B. Cutts, Lead Author, Barron's MCAT Prep Book

A Special Forum for Barron's MCAT Prep Book Owners!


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  • Give feedback. Ask questions.
  • Weekly admissions hints.
  • Talk with other students prepping with the new Barron's MCAT Prep Book

As lead author of the book, I'm happy to invite you to the Cutts forum, where you, I, and other premed students around the world can be in touch about your MCAT prep and the admissions process. I also welcome your comments or suggestions about the book and will share them with the folks at Barron's.

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Cutts Graduate Reviews has been a national leader in high quality, personalized MCAT preparation, med school admissions and admissions to other professional fields since 1990. Cutts offers one of the most in-depth programs on advanced strategy for the MCAT - timing, testing, problem solving and Verbal.

Cutts Graduate Reviews has helped approximately 2000 students get admitted to graduate and professional school. 94% of our students get accepted.* (* Based on a 2007 survey of recent Cutts graduates.)

Jay B. Cutts is one of the few highly experienced MCAT and admissions specialists in the country who is available to work with students directly. Mr. Cutts works with premed students around the world.

Cutts Graduate Reviews provides FREE comprehensive premed planning tools to any premed student.

Cutts Graduate Reviews Personal MCAT Tutorial accepts students on a limited enrollment basis and is dedicated to providing a more personalized and more expert MCAT and admissions program than large scale corporate prep companies provide.

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MedTrack is our free monthly email planning system.

  • Start as early as Freshman year
  • Every month learn what to do, how and when to do it in order to be prepared.

Learn strategies for:

  • MCAT
  • Applications
  • Personal Statements
  • Interviews
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Timelines
  • Advanced Strategies

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MCAT Preparation by Personal Coaching (Cutts Personal MCAT SuperStrategy Review)

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Personal Coaching on the Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation, Interviews and Advanced Admissions Strategies

Special programs to address the unique needs of underrepresented groups, women, minority students, people with learning disabilities and first generation college students.

All coaching is conducted by Jay Cutts.

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