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Some Web Sites You Might Enjoy

An ongoing list of links to sites that might help you in your pursuit of law school

Plus some cool but unrelated things

(Any suggestions for other links?)

All-in-One Search Page
One of the larger lists of lists, though it's just one element in THE LIST OF LISTS.

This has it all. Well, not quite all, but it will keep you busy.

 Buyer's Index
Search power for mail order and Web buying

 Alta Vista
A major search engine.

Another major one.

Starting Point
A source for multiple search engines.

IPL the Internet Public Library
Just what it says. Lots of reference info.

 Globewide Network Academy Catalog Search
Guide to distance learning opportunities.

 U.S. Department of Education
There are some lists of educational resources at this site. See what you can find.

 Welcome to UCR's INFOMINE
A guide to Internet resources by subject.

 The Writer's Companion
A MUST for anyone into writing fiction!

 Feminist/Women's Studies Resources on WWW
Good resource.

 CoolTalk Directory
Gives you CoolTalk addresses for other people who have CoolTalk.

 HTML Assistant Pro
A useful HTML authoring tool for free.

The Ever Refreshing Fish Camera
Need I say more?

 The Piano Tutor
Really affordable and innovative way to learn to play piano.

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