(Please print these directions for the day of the seminar.)

We'll be meeting together Tuesday, April 4, from 7:30 to 9:30 pm Eastern time (For Central Time, we start at 6:30 pm, for Mountain at 5:30 pm and for Pacific at 4:30 pm). I'm going to cover how to write an effective Personal Statement, letters of recommendation, other things to do to stand out from the crowd, a timeline for you application and an overview of what you can do about the LSAT.

You'll just need to be on a computer with high speed Internet access in a place where you can have the sound on, as I'll be talking to you. If you are in a public place, you may need to use headphones.

If you do have a video cam and/or microphone on your computer, please use those to communicate with me and the other people in the room. If you don't have those, it's fine. You will communicate by typing into a chat box. We'll all be able to see each other's chat.

Please go to the videoconference web site at 7 pm Eastern time. It will take us a little while to get set up together, make sure your connections are working and meet each other. The seminar may fill up, so please be on time. However, it is ok to try to check in if you do come late in case a space has freed up.

Go to and click on the Guest login. It will then ask you for the email address for my meeting. Use Also, you will be asked to put in your name. Please use your actual first and last name so I know who you are. Wait for me to accept you into the meeting. You will get a message on your screen asking if you allow access to your camera and microphone. Click yes, even if you don't have them. If your connection gets dropped at any time, please log back in as above. Also, if you can't stay for the whole seminar, please consider letting someone attend who can, as space is limited. Thanks.

If you get a message that the room is full, then there is no more space for you. You can try checking in a little later in case a space opens up. I will let you know about the next seminar. If you have a problem logging in, call me at (505) 281-0684.

You will see a small video window with me in it. You can enlarge that window by dragging the lower left hand corner. If it doesn't move, click on the push pin in the upper right hand corner. We'll go over how to use the system before we start.

There is a handout that you will need for the seminar. It starts below my signature. Print it out if possible. It will speed things up if you can do that before we start.

Thanks. I'll look forward to talking with you soon. If you try to get into this seminar and it is full, please send me an email later on to let me know that you'd like to attend a future one. It will help me to know how many people got turned away.

I am starting people now in the prep classes for the GRE, LSAT, GMAT and MCAT. If you miss the seminar, please call me to go over your plans. You can review details of the classes at here. This year I'm offering a new option for classroom style programs, in addition to guided personal coaching.

Jay Cutts
Cutts Graduate Reviews
(505) 281-0684, day or evening


Print out the below:



Sentence 1 - What you want to be or do.

Sentence 2 - What you will do with this; who you will help.

Sentences 3 - 5 The educational, experiential and geographical background that prepares you for your goal.

Sentence 6 - Why you want to attend this school.

I want to be a ________. As a ________, I will ___________. I am ready for this because of [education, background, geography] . I want to attend your school because _______.


Expand on Sentences 1 & 2 above. What you want to be and what you will do with it over the next 10 years. Where will you be five years after graduation.


Expand on your experience, your education and your geography as they relate directly to your goal.


Expand on why this school. Do research. Know what kind of students the school is looking for.


Talk about your personal interests and the people in your life. Talk about how you hope to interact with students and faculty socially.


Conclude. Follow the format of Paragraph #1.


Year 1 =

Jan Feb March Ap May June July Aug Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

Year 2=

Jan Feb March Ap May June July Aug Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

Year 3=

Jan Feb March Ap May June July Aug Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

Enter each number on the calendar above. Below each item, enter the estimated cost.

1. Date to begin program
2. Deadline for application
2T. Your target for submitting application
3. Date to start working on application
4. Last acceptable entrance exam
4T. Your target date for taking entrance exam.

5. Date to start prepping for entrance exam
6. Date for making personal contacts
7. Date for researching programs
8. Date for researching career goals
9. Date for starting special research project.