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Sentence 1 - What you want to be or do.

Sentence 2 - What you will do with this; who you will help.

Sentences 3 - 5 The educational, experiential and geographical background that prepares you for your goal.

Sentence 6 - Why you want to attend this school.

I want to be a ________. As a ________, I will ___________. I am ready for this because of [education, background, geography] . I want to attend your school because _______.


Expand on Sentences 1 & 2 above. What you want to be and what you will do with it over the next 10 years. Where will you be five years after graduation.


Expand on your experience, your education and your geography as they relate directly to your goal.


Expand on why this school. Do research. Know what kind of students the school is looking for.


Talk about your personal interests and the people in your life. Talk about how you hope to interact with students and faculty socially.


Conclude. Follow the format of Paragraph #1.


Year 1 =

Jan Feb March Ap May June July Aug Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

Year 2=

Jan Feb March Ap May June July Aug Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

Year 3=

Jan Feb March Ap May June July Aug Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

Enter each number on the calendar above. Below each item, enter the estimated cost.

1. Date to begin program
2. Deadline for application
2T. Your target for submitting application
3. Date to start working on application
4. Last acceptable entrance exam
4T. Your target date for taking entrance exam.

5. Date to start prepping for entrance exam
6. Date for making personal contacts
7. Date for researching programs
8. Date for researching career goals
9. Date for starting special research project.