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It looks like your big decision is: what will give me the most effective prep for my money.  If you'd like to give me a call, I can go into some detail about what you can expect to learn and how we work together, as well as getting an idea of what kind of help in particular you need.

The key elements for a really superior score increase are, in my experience, a long enough study period and one on one expert guidance.  Some of the big national companies offer little or no personal help.  Others are better about it. Check the amount of experience of the instructors.  Just getting good scores on the test doesn't guarantee that a person can teach or understand the test.

Many students who are considering one of the big national companies work with the Cutts Personal GRE Tutorial first, since it is more affordable and can be done any time.  They leave enough time to enroll in one of the national programs later if necessary, though so far none of my students has needed to do so.

I know you have a lot riding on this and I would be happy to talk with you in detail about what you can expect to learn, what areas I focus on that are not likely to be taught in a big program and how we work together.  Feel free to call me at (505) 281-0684, 10am to 10pm Mt time.

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