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The Tour is over. I hope it has helped you.

As your reward, I will gratefully give you:

  1. Your password for a free consultation
  2. Your Personal Prep Plan which you can print out
  3. Suggestions for Specific Testing Concerns
  4. Some final links with additional resources on our site, including a practice test and bookstore.
But first, I'd like to ask you a few more questions and get some feedback from you, if you would be kind enough to take a moment.

Let's see how you can do on the final quiz.  Check your answers below.

1.  The Cutts Personal GRE Tutorial consists of (Pick one):

(A) Live classes I have to go to.
(B) Live tutoring I have to go to.
(C) Audio tapes and books at home.
(D) Videotapes and phone tutorial with Jay Cutts.
(E) Books at home.

2.  The Personal GRE Tutorial costs (Pick one):

(A) It's FREE.
(B) Under $70.
(C) $575 to $800 for most people.
(D) $1000 to $1800 depending on the city
(E) No idea.

3.  In which ways is the Cutts Personal GRE Tutorial different from the Kaplan and Princeton programs?(Pick as many as apply)

(A) Advanced strategies and unique insights.
(B) Work directly with a full time national test expert with over 20 years experience with over 1500 students.
(C) Affordable.
(D) Highly personalized help.
(E) Get help on the admissions process.
(F) Available long hours, 7 days.
(G) Specialized strategies for students needing superior scores, help with anxieties and special learning needs.

1.  D
2.  C
3.  Yes, that was a bit of a trick question, but you handled it admirably!  All are correct in our unbiased opinion.

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       And how you saw this comparing to the Cutts program?