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How the Cutts Personal GRE Tutorial Works:   (or let me give you some suggestions on your plan)

The Idea:


  • The Personal GRE Tutorial teaches you the advanced GRE strategies developed by test expert Jay Cutts in his private coaching and small group programs.

  • You study videotapes of actual class sessions conducted by Mr. Cutts, including lecture information, demonstration of problem solving and questions and answers from students in the class, covering all areas of the test. This is the equivalent of a full, live program. In addition, you can work at your own pace, on your own schedule, anywhere you can set up a VCR, and can review as often as you need.

  • Use the videos to learn and review all of the strategies. Use the tutorial by phone with Mr. Cutts to make faster progress and get extra, personalized help.

    Step 1.Watch the videotape classes. Learn the strategies of the test and how to master them.
     Step 2. Practice the strategies you have learned. Study actual test questions.
    Step 3.  Call Jay Cutts for feedback and guidance on your progress, for advanced help and to get your questions answered.

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