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with Jay B. Cutts, MA

Consulting for Non-Profits and For Profit Organizations in the Areas of:


Significant Recent Projects

These projects are examples of how we have creatively addressed organizational needs using skills in the following areas:

  • Web marketing
  • Writing
  • Curriculum development
  • Distance learning tools
  • Program development
  • Electronic and web technologies
  • Public speaking
  • Video production
  • Cost efficiency
  • Research
  1. Live Courses. Developed live full length preparation courses for the LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT and PCAT (for law school, grad school, MBA school, med school and pharmacy school). Skills: curriculum development, research, writing, program development
  2. Seminar. Created a live seminar and booklet on the admissions process, entitled How to Get Accepted to Grad School - A Take-Charge Approach. Delivered the seminar live on various college campuses and via web video seminar and phone conference. Skills: curriculum development, web marketing, writing, distance learning, program development, electronic and web technology, public speaking
  3. Web based long range academic planning program. Designed, wrote and supervised the programming for a four year, monthly email advising system that guides pregraduate and preprofessional students through their entire four year undergraduate career. The email reminders are customized for each student's timeline and professional goals and are tied to a master planning calendar online. They describe what the student should be doing that month and how to do it. The emailing is based on database tables on a mySQL server and programming that coordinates when each planner is sent. The system is automatic and virtually free to implement. As a result, the system is available to students worldwide at no charge. Skills: Web marketing, writing, curriculum development, distance learning, electronic technology, cost efficiency
  4. Mass web based marketing campaign at low cost. Designed, administered and supervised the programming for a marketing system that used the internet to identify pregraduate and preprofessional students at colleges and universities. Free advising help and seminars were offered to over 700,000 students with almost no cost and only an investment of a modest amount of time. Skills: Web marketing, electronic technology, cost efficiency
  5. Video production of lecture classes. Produced, directed, edited and lectured in professional videos of the LSAT, GRE and GMAT lecture classes. Skills: Public speaking, video production
  6. Distance learning prep courses. Created an affordable and flexible distance learning program for preparation for LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT and PCAT using video materials, phone support and internet white boards as a quality prep option for students around the world regardless of location. Skills: Curriculum development, distance learning, program development, electronic technology, cost efficiency
  7. Web marketing campaign for test prep. Created an internet marketing campaign in the early days of the internet that allowed Cutts Graduate Reviews to successfully compete on a national and international level with the large test prep corporations. Skills: Web marketing, program development, electronic technology, cost efficiency
  8. Web page development. Designed and wrote over several hundred web pages to support multiple needs for information and marketing. Skills: Web marketing, writing, electronic technology, cost efficiency
  9. Web harvesting technology. Designed, developed and supervised the programming for a process that can quickly harvest massive information from web sites, edit the huge amounts of raw text and put it into a database table that displays the information in a simple, easily readable and sortable way. For example, this technology was used to do a specific search on a popular site where people advertise items for sale. The search covered every US city and all major international capitals. It took less than 15 minutes to harvest, sort and display 19,000 results. Skills: electronic technology, cost efficiency
  10. Web interface for students. Designed and created a web interface for students enter test and practice results and to keep track of their competitiveness for getting accepted to law school. Based on a commercial program that uses Php programming and database tables on a mySQL server. The program needed to be customized for our needs. Skills: distance learning, electronic technology, research
  11. Audio library of individual tutorials. Developed the concept of recording individual tutorials on practice test items in order for future students to have access to a variety of detailed and yet personalized explanations of questions. Requires equipment for capturing phone conversations in digital format on computer and audio editing software. The audio library has the potential to save students hundreds of dollars while delivering more complete tutoring. Skills: distance learning, electronic technology, public speaking, cost efficiency
  12. Copy protected proprietary materials. Based on commercial software, created a special format version of videos and text that protects the content from being copied, allows it to run only on one computer and expires after a certain time. This format eliminated the need for expensive copies of videos or DVD's, the need for collecting deposits and for the student to mail the materials back and reduced the bulk and cost of mailing materials from our end. Worked with the commercial developer of the software to adapt it to our needs. The project required organizing the lectures into small chapters, and using a variety of video editing software to convert and edit videos and add subtitles. Skills: distance learning, program development, electronic technology, video production, cost efficiency
  13. Model prelaw support program for minority and underrepresented students. Designed, implemented and documented a model program to address the lower average LSAT scores and lower rates of admission to law school among minorities and specifically African American students. Conducted the program for two years at an Historically Black University (HBCU) in collaboration with the Special Assistant to the President for Student Affairs. The program was funded by a Federal grant. Skills: curriculum development, distance learning, program development, cost efficiency, research

Technology skills. Other projects have included the following technology skills:

  • Unix shell commands
  • mySQL databases
  • MS Excel, Word and Access, including ODBC connections for mySQL tables
  • Ability to edit PHP programming
  • FTP and Unix access programs (SSH)
  • Video editing and conversion programs
  • Image editing
  • CD/DVD duplication and production
  • Complex text editing software (eg., TextPipe)
  • Digital audio recording and editing on computer
  • Mass emailing programs
  • Online forums (bulletin boards)

Recent consultation clients:

Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio. Develop and implement model program for helping African American students more successfully apply to law school. Document successes and challenges. Keep quantitative data. Make recommendations for future improvements. Federally funded.

CLEO, Council on Legal Education Opportunity, of the American Bar Association. Discuss options for improving the performance of underrepresented and minority applicants to law school. Review existing programs and make recommendations for programs that would use funding more efficiently. Pro bono.

The JD Project. A non-profit whose goals are to prepare minority students to be more successful in law school and to help more minority students be accepted. Discuss models for early intervention and long range test prep programs. Pro bono.

Client from a South Pacific island nation. Consult on how to get accepted into law school, despite less than competitive test scores, in order for this client to take a leading role in his nation's government. Fee based.


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