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The Tracks - 4 year free advising system for high school students entering college

Dear College Bound High School Student,

Cutts Graduate Reviews has been helping college students around the world get accepted into graduate school, law school, medical school, veterinary school, business school, pharmacy school and other professional schools since 1990.

If you are considering any of these areas, even just as possible options, I'd like to help you out through one of our free Track programs - LawTrack, MedTrack, GradTrack and MBATrack. The Tracks send you an email at the beginning of every month and go over what you should be doing that month and how to do it. The Track will stay with you for your entire four years of college and begins helping you the very first month of your freshman year. Through the Track you can contact me with questions as you go along for the next four years.

The advice on the Tracks is based on my years of experience working with freshmen through seniors. The Track will help you avoid common pitfalls and help you plan far in advance so that you will be able to submit the strongest possible application to grad or professional school when the time comes.

The Tracks are completely free and you can easily unsubscribe at any time. You may go on to work with us on your GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT or PCAT, for which we charge a fee. Or you may do fine on your own using the advice from the Track. In either case, I will be glad to have helped you.

The best time to sign up on the Track is the second half of your senior year. You can sign up earlier, too, just so you don't forget. Make sure you are signed up well before you start your first semester of college. There is some good advice for you even in your first month!

To sign up on a Track list, go to the links below that match your plans. One link will take you to the home page for one of our programs, where you can read more about the whole process, and another link will take you directly to the form for joining your Track.

Feel free to call with any questions now or later. And good luck on your plans for college!


Jay B. Cutts, MA
Cutts Graduate Reviews
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