A Super-Charged LSAT Self-Prep Program from BARRON'S Author Jay Cutts

What is the STEPS Program

STEPS was created by Jay B. Cutts, lead author of the Barron's LSAT Prep Book and a leading private LSAT specialist since 1990.

STEPS is a self-paced LSAT study program based on the advanced strategies in the Barron's LSAT Prep Book.

STEPS gives you a highly structured, day-by-day study manual and unique study materials only available from Jay Cutts.

Main Points

1. STEPS supports individual LSAT study with advanced study materials and support services. STEPS also helps you get more out of a commercial LSAT prep class. Or you can use STEPS to start your own class.

2. STEPS gives you the study tools that have proven most helpful and powerful: peer support, a highly structured study manual, online resources, options for on- or off-campus group sessions, explanations of answers, access to advanced expert help when needed, and guidance on the admissions process.


More Points

3. Created in consultation with prelaw advisors. STEPS was created through consultation with university prelaw advisors across the US, including an Advisory Board of prelaw professionals.

4. Unique, advanced strategies from a top test specialist. STEPS is based on highly advanced and unique strategies from the 24+ year LSAT coaching career of Jay B. Cutts, director of the Cutts Graduate Reviews and lead author of the Barron's LSAT Prep Book.

Many of the advanced tools in STEPS are not available elsewhere.

5. Affordable. STEPS charges only a minimal fee (~$100)



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A Product of Cutts Graduate Reviews - Law Admissions Specialists Since 1990

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I used STEPS to the LSAT (created by Jay Cutts, author of the Barron's LSAT Prep Book) to organize a live LSAT program for my students. They found it easy to work with, easy to follow, and insightful. I feel STEPS is a unique and affordable option.

- Wendy Vonnegut, Esq., Director of Legal Studies at Methodist University, past president of SAPLA and chair-elect of PLANC

STEPS is a creation of Jay Cutts. Jay is the lead author of the Barron's LSAT Prep Book and director of Cutts Graduate Reviews. For over 24 years he has helped students master the LSAT and get accepted to Law School. STEPS lets you work with his advanced coaching materials, not published elsewhere, in a highly structured self-prep support program.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide any prelaw student, regardless of educational or socioeconomic background, a support system for studying the LSAT.

STEPS draws on highly expert instruction, addresses the real study needs of today's student, and requires only a minimal investment.

It is part of our mission that profit is not our primary goal and that a significant portion of any profit is used to develop and provide additional services.

National Advisory Board

Jane Finkle, MS, Prelaw advisor, formerly at University of Pennsylvania and Bryn Mawr College. Prelaw columnist, US News and World Career Forum.

Laura Hosid, Esq., Former Associate Director, Office of Career Services, Georgetown University Law Center. Advisor, Vinik Educational Placement Services.

Michael Santana, Esq., Former Assistant Legal Writing Professor, Vermont Law School, University of Montana School of Law

Sidney Williams, Esq., Central State University, Director, Prelaw and Preprofessional Programs and Special Initiatives

Advisory Board members and the organizations with which they are affiliated do not necessarily endorse the STEPS to the LSAT program or Cutts Graduate Reviews. Advisory board members are independent prelaw specialists who have no financial connection with STEPS