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Cutts Graduate Reviews with Jay B. Cutts, lead author, Barron's LSAT Prep Book


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How to Boost Your Score with the Barron's Book!

1. Add on STEPS to the LSAT.

A complete day-by-day study plan, with advanced coaching materials, an online dashboard, and study partners around the country. Unlimited months. $100.

2. Add on Summer Prelaw Intensive (SPI)

A 10-week "boot camp" covering all aspects of admissions, including LSAT and personal statement. Also offered in spring and fall. Price includes unlimited enrollment in STEPS. $225


NEW! STEPS to the LSAT - A Companion to the Barron's Book

Create your own LSAT course with STEPS to the LSAT - Unlimited months for $103. For yourself or a group.

Solution of the Week - Shows you how to apply advanced strategies to real LSAT problems.

The Student Manual - Organizes your studying every day for 2 months!

The Audio Library - 270 recordings of one on one coaching sessions with LSAT specialist and Barron's author Jay Cutts

Online Dashboard - Connects you to study partners, records your progress, helps you choose schools. Chat live with other students, Personal Statement hints, find tutors

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NEW! Summer Prelaw Intensive (SPI) Program

10-week summer admissions bootcamp -$225. Includes unlimited access to all the elements of the STEPS to the LSAT prep program.

Live Mentor- A mentor checks in with you every week to help you get the most out of the program

Support on all aspects of admissions - Learn how to write a powerful personal statement, do career research, choose schools and use advanced tools to stand out from the crowd

LSAT prep - Use the STEPS to the LSAT system to master the test. Includes the Solution of the Week, Student Study Manual, Audio Library of coaching sessions and more.

Online Dashboard - Connects you to study partners, records your progress, helps you choose schools. Chat live with other students.

Personal Coaching - Coaching is not included in the price of SPI but if you need individual help, we will guide you to trained, high quality LSAT and admissions coaches who have agreed to work at a reasonable hourly rate.

Flexible Dates: Our main program starts at the beginning of June but you can enroll at any time for a full 10 weeks. We also offer a fall and spring version of the SPI program.

Read about: Summer Prelaw Intensive (SPI) Program


About Us

Cutts Graduate Reviews has been a national leader in high quality, personalized LSAT preparation and law school admissions since 1990.

Jay B. Cutts is one of the top LSAT and law admissions specialists in the country. He is the author of the Barron's LSAT Prep Book and the Barron's Pass Key to the LSAT, as well as being the lead author of several other Barron's test prep works.

He is the creator of the STEPS to the LSAT and Summer Prelaw Intensive (SPI) programs, which allow students with limited resources access to high quality, professional guidance on the LSAT and admissions.

Mr. Cutts takes a limited number of personal students each season.

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