Learn how to turn the Barron's book into a full service LSAT Prep program for less than you would spend on a set of study books.

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To get the absolute most out of your LSAT studying, add on our STEPS to the LSAT program. For $103 you get:

1. A complete day by day study guide with specific instructions for both the LSAT and admissions process

2. Our booklet How to Get Accepted to Law School - A Take-Charge Approach. Complete instructions for writing a powerful personal statement and for standing out from the crowd.

3. Over 250 explanations of actual LSAT questions based on live coaching sessions by Jay Cutts

4. Our LSAT Solution of the Week program

5. Connect with other LSAT students in your local area or around the country.

6. Complete directions for creating and running your own live LSAT classroom program at no extra cost

7. Directions for finding personal LSAT tutoring if you need it. (at an additional Link removed cost)

and many more aids to increasing the effectiveness of your studying.

Check out STEPS to the LSAT at: (this link is not clickable. Please copy and paste in a new window.)
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